Horizen (ZEN) Price, Market Cap and live charts


$6.15 -5.667 %
97 # 0.21 %-5.67 %3.36 %

Market Cap


24h Volume


Circulating Supply

ZEN 9,205,400

Max Supply

ZEN 21,000,000

What is Horizen Coin price now?

Horizen is at $6.15 with a 24-hour trading volume of $3,655,705.78. The price has lowered by (-5.667 %) in the last 24 hours.

What is the circulating/maximum supply of Horizen Coin?

Horizen Coin has a current circulating supply of ZEN 9,205,400. The total maximum supply of Horizen is ZEN 21,000,000.

What is the most active exchange for Horizen Coin ?

Horizen Coin can be traded on TOKOK and DragonEX cryptocurrency exchanges

Exchanges Pair Price Volume 24h Category Fee Type
1TOKOK ZEN/BTC$6.19 $958,235.93spotpercentage
2DragonEX ZEN/BTC$6.15 $718,669.75spotpercentage
3OKEx ZEN/USDT$6.15 $660,478.37spotpercentage
4ExtStock ZEN/USD$6.00 $314,329.63spotunknown
5ExtStock ZEN/EUR$5.96 $236,370.05spotunknown
6OKEx ZEN/ETH$6.06 $223,868.46spotpercentage
7ExtStock ZEN/BTC$5.92 $158,536.93spotunknown
8BW.com ZEN/USDT$6.16 $147,074.15spotpercentage
9OKEx ZEN/BTC$6.16 $138,727.12spotpercentage
10Binance ZEN/BTC$6.16 $134,078.05spotpercentage
11ZBG ZEN/USDT$6.13 $133,625.69spotpercentage
12HitBTC ZEN/BTC$6.13 $55,436.62spotpercentage
13HitBTC ZEN/USDT$6.12 $55,279.98spotpercentage
14HitBTC ZEN/USD$6.12 $55,231.86spotpercentage
15VCC Exchange ZEN/BTC$6.16 $50,825.37spotpercentage
16Bittrex ZEN/BTC$6.16 $50,706.01spotpercentage
17Sistemkoin ZEN/TRY$6.09 $47,832.85spotpercentage
18CoinEx ZEN/USDT$6.16 $46,040.11spotpercentage
19Finexbox ZEN/BTC$5.98 $43,080.60spotpercentage
20CoinEx ZEN/BTC$6.16 $43,017.60spotpercentage
21Binance ZEN/ETH$6.17 $37,675.23spotpercentage
22IDAX ZEN/BTC$6.14 $35,423.19spotunknown
23Sistemkoin ZEN/BTC$6.12 $31,406.09spotpercentage
24Binance ZEN/BNB$6.16 $24,898.74spotpercentage
25HitBTC ZEN/ETH$6.14 $24,764.82spotpercentage
26Huobi Global ZEN/BTC$6.16 $21,144.32spotpercentage
27Upbit ZEN/BTC$4.89 $15,319.74spotpercentage
28Huobi Global ZEN/ETH$6.51 $14,966.90spotpercentage
29Bittrex ZEN/USD$6.01 $13,222.46spotpercentage
30Sistemkoin ZEN/USD$5.39 $9,691.47spotpercentage
31Sistemkoin ZEN/EUR$5.29 $6,617.09spotpercentage
32BW.com ZEN/BTC$7.51 $975.51spotpercentage
33Huobi Korea ZEN/BTC$6.19 $275.82spotpercentage
34Trade Satoshi ZEN/BTC$25.11 $135.47spotpercentage
35BW.com ZEN/ETH$7.65 $56.00spotpercentage
36Trade Satoshi ZEN/ETH$8.00 $7.72spotpercentage
37Graviex ZEN/BTC$5.08 $3.59spotpercentage
38Trade Satoshi ZEN/DOGE$10.85 $2.09spotpercentage
39COSS ZEN/ETH$5.52 $0.00spotpercentage
40COSS ZEN/BTC$8.63 $0.00spotpercentage
41COSS ZEN/USD$4.20 $0.00spotpercentage
42COSS ZEN/USDT$7.10 $0.00spotpercentage
43Huobi Korea ZEN/ETH$6.21 $0.00spotpercentage
44BitRabbit ZEN/USDT$0.001961 $0.00spotpercentage